UGI asks customers to turn down heat overnight

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Extremely cold air overnight is expected to bring record lows. Like last week, UGI is asking people in certain areas of Central Pennsylvania to limit their gas use and set thermostats to 65 degrees or lower tonight. It’s the second time in two weeks the company has made the request.

A UGI spokesman says gas supply is plentiful, but if people crank up the heat it causes pressure in the pipes to drop. If it drops too low, it could cause an outage. Those we spoke with say they received a phone call asking them to turn down the heat.

Melba Durant set her thermostat below 65 degrees.

“I don’t mind the cold. I like cold weather but this is a little too cold. So when it’s hot people complain about that. So you have to take what you get,” said Durant.

But, some people think that’s asking too much.

“I don’t know that’s kind of crazy. That’s kind of crazy because it’s too cold out here to be bringing heat down right about now,” said Jaime Galarza, from Millersville.

People in Carlisle, Lancaster, Millersville, and Palmyra are asked to turn down the heat overnight. We caught up with one man who burns his own coal to avoid these types of requests.

“I guess it’s an individual decision, I know people that do that. A person’s got to stay warm and that’s kind of an individual choice,” said Jack Sipe, from Dillsburg, York County.