Pa. Senate bill requiring U.S. citizenship to receive welfare benefits heads to House

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HARRISBURG, PA (WPMT) In a bipartisan 40 – 8 vote the Pennsylvania Senate approved a measure that would require proof of United States citizenship for any indivdual applying for public assistance.

Senate Bill 9, is part of an ongoing effort in the Senate to reform the commonwealth’s welfare programs.  Last fiscal year the Department of Welfare, now called the Department of Human Services, received $11.4 in state funding, just shy of the State Education Departments $11.6 billion.

The senate bill also includes grants and loans from the state and local governments as public benefits.  Senate Bill 9 now heads to the GOP dominated State House for consideration.



  • Steve Grey

    Please get your facts straight! The Bill does NOT require citizenship, just lawful presence, for example a permanent resident with a green card.

  • Robley Martz

    Perhaps I am reading the bill incorrectly….”Order relating to guidance on citizenship verification. The applicant also executes an affidavit that the person is a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident or otherwise lawfully present in the U.S. Identification and the affidavit may be provided in person, by mail or electronically.” Does that tell me that a green card holder can draw welfare????

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