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Garry Gilliam visits Milton Hershey School

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An NFL star and Harrisburg native returned home to his alma mater in Dauphin County.

Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Gary Gilliam stopped by Milton Hershey School to speak at the "Persevering Through Adversity" assembly. Gilliam talked about how the school helped shape him into the NFL player he is today. He began attending MHS at the age of seven and later went to Penn State. Gilliam says he owes his success to his mother.

"I had a few tears up there," Gilliam said, "It's amazing to have the courage to drop your son off at a strange place and know and trust in God that this is the best thing for your son. I`m not sure that I would have the courage or even the heart to do something like that, and I commend her for that because if it wasn't for that decision I guess I don`t know where I'd be. "

After the assembly, Gilliam met with students for autographs. He also visited each school and participated in activities with students.