Harrisburg police cracking down on businesses that allow illegal activity

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The Harrisburg Police Chief has a message for all business owners in the city.. if you allow drugs and illegal activity to take place, you will be caught and your business will be shut down.

The city announced this week it’s in the process of pulling business licenses from owners who don’t follow the rules. First up? The Royal Pub. Chief Tom Carter says a recent search revealed you can buy a lot more than just food and drinks.

Carter says illegal activity going on at bars like The Royal Pub, will be short lived.

“Any bar that caters to any criminal activity or are not doing what they should be doing, we’re going to target,” said Carter.

Carter says a recent search conducted by his department revealed guns and drugs are being sold at bars around the city. Carter submitted paperwork earlier this week to revoke the business licenses at The Royal Pub. But, as of Wednesday, the pub was still operating. Police say the bar was the site of a January shooting that wounded a woman after she left. Besides bars, searches at corner stores turned up illegal activity as well.

“We were able to get paraphernalia out of there, we were able to buy ‘loosie’ cigarettes. We were able to by the synthetic weed,” said Carter.

Earlier this year the Mayor created a mercantile appeals board for situations like this. The board will hear appeals from businesses that have had their licenses revoked. But, the Mayor says it’s simple. If you’re not following the rules, you won’t be allowed to run a business in the city.

“It’s called a business privilege and if you disobey the law we’re not going to grant you that privilege,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse.

Besides The Royal Pub, Chief Carter says there are two other bars that are conducting illegal activity. He wouldn’t tell us what bars they are but says they’re in different parts of the city.


  • Gene

    Good grief, earning a living in Harrisburg has just become a “privilege”. What arrogance! What ignorance! The only privelege involved here is that of serving the public as an elected official, and that can be revoked.

  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Shouldn’t the PLCB and ATF be involved in this?
    This is kind of what you get when you’ve promoted a circus-like bar atmosphere in your city.

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