West York Police bust mother and son pot operation

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West York Police say they have shut down a mother and son pot growing business that was operating in a school zone. Police executed a search warrant at  204 N. Sumner St. on Tuesday afternoon. Inside, they say they found a large growing operation. One bedroom, a closet and the basement of the home were all being used to grow marijuana.

Numerous items were seized, including over 200 items related to the growing, cultivating and distributing of marijuana:

  • 22 individually grown marijuana plants in various states of maturity (numerous saplings to several 5 foot tall plants)
  • large grow tent 6 ft x 10 ft x 6 ft tall
  • several fans
  • circular drying tents
  • electronic & digital scales
  • plant holders
  • fertilizer, soil additives and plant nutrients
  • potting soil
  • packaging materials
  • circuit breakers
  • grow lamps & lights
  • air purifiers
Mary Smith and Randy Modzel

Mary Smith and Randy Modzel

The residents of the home, Mary Smith, 66, and her son Randy Modzel, 31, were both charged. Police say they admitted they were growing the  marijuana. Modzel was using some of the pot for himself selling to others for money because he is unemployed.  Modzel apparently claimed to be an “active white supremacist” after officers observed a large 12 inch tattoo marked “White Pride” on his back and asked him about it. He refused to explain further.

Modzel has been charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute (felony) and 4 other misdemeanor charges including a violation under the PA Drug Free School Zone Law due to being within 1,000 feet of both the West York Area High and Middle Schools.

Modzel’s bail was set at $50,000 and was incarcerated at York County Prison at the time of this release.

Smith is to be charged later this week via criminal summons for similar charges stemming from this incident.


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    They aren’t the only family team in West York.
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