PennDOT to reissue driver’s licenses after discovery of production error

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HARRISBURG (WPMT)-Some Pennsylvania drivers will be getting new licenses in the mail after PennDOT said a production issue caused driver licenses to print with errors.

According to a news release, PennDOT learned late Wednesday that the laminate supplied by vendors for driver’s licenses did not have the proper security image on the front of the license. The image is not visible without use of a black light device.

“Because of the flawed security feature, the original license may not be accepted as proof of identification when scanned by black light devices,” according to a statement by Deputy PennDOT Secretary for Driver and Vehicle Services Kurt J. Myers.

Myers added the issue should not impact security checks by the Transportation Security Administration at airports since TSA references a different security feature on the license or identification card in its verification process.

It is unclear how many driver’s licenses have been affected. Myers said PennDOT is still working to determine the exact number of driver’s impacted by the error.  The effected licenses were issued from November 2014 through Feb. 25.

PennDOT will mail replacement driver’s licenses to affected drivers at no additional cost. Drivers are to destroy old licenses after they receive new ones.

PennDOT expects to identify holders of the defective licenses over the next week and will  issue free replacements.

MorphoTrust USA and its subcontractor OpSec, are working closely with PennDOT to address this issue.