WARNING GRAPHIC: Firefighter shoots neighbor’s dogs, posts pictures to Facebook

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HUNT COUNTY, TX –A Texas man is receiving backlash for shooting two dogs and posting pictures of the dead animals on Facebook.

The shooter who claims to have killed the animals on his property is also a volunteer firefighter.

Now, the North Texas fire department where he works is receiving death threats from as far away as Europe.

Tim Conatser  posted the photo of the two dogs he killed  to Facebook and said, “somebody didn’t put any truth to my warning. keep your dogs on your property.”

Kevin Forester, a family friend says, “He’s getting a bad rap.” He says Conatser told him the dogs were attacking his livestock.

“The two dogs were in his barn, tearing up his calf in the barn so he went in the house and shot them, and shot them dead on his property.”

No word on who owned the dogs, but Forester says they belonged to a neighbor.

A state statute says a dog or coyote that attacks livestock or domestic animals may be killed by the animals’ owner if discovered on their property as it’s happening or right after.

WARNING the image below is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

At Conatser’s fire department, the chief says they’ve received death threats.

Chief Edward Ragsdale said “We’ve had comments all the way from England, Portugal, Canada, a lot of them negative. I would say for every negative comment, I’d say we had five in our favor.”

The chief says Conatser called him today and asked that he be removed from the department for now because of the threats.

Ragsdate said,  “He says he apologized and he’s guilty of posting this on Facebook. He’s young and he realizes what he did was wrong.”

The chief says the department’s in-house board of directors is also investigating to see if conatser should stay off the department permanently.

Conatser’s friend says Facebook has taken down his page.  The picture has been shared over 100,000 times after a screenshot was taken by Kimberly Jones and posted with a message saying “He kills innocent dogs … MAKE THIS GO VIRAL”