Propane shortage at Messiah College means shorter showers and less food options

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Students at Messiah College are facing a fourth day of propane shortage related inconveniences.

This week, a day could start with a three-minute shower.

Student, Kelly Gordon says, "It's not like our RA is standing in the bathroom with a stop watch telling us to get out of the shower."

The shorter shower is completely voluntary for students. But roommates, Kelly Gordon and Jamie Armstrong, say it's highly recommended because there's a propane shortage on campus.

Gordon says, "I thought it was fine and I go on twitter and it blew up because twitter's an outlet that people go to when they complain. College students will always complain about something."

Social media hasn't made the temporary inconvenience any easier. Campus officials say the problem started when temperatures dropped.

Spokesperson, Danielle Ran says, "Record cold temperatures in February are really the main issue. Supply and demand. For an institution our size, that uses as much propane as we do, supply has become an issue."

If students are craving something hot from the grill at the Student Union Cafe, they're out of luck. At least until the propane shortage is lifted. Instead they can go next door, and enjoy cold foods like a salad or sandwich.

Armstrong says, "It wasn't anything we can't handle. It's just okay, we're in a habit of going to the union for lunch, now we have to break habit, which isn't a huge deal. It's getting out of that routine."

From trying out another cafe on campus, to cutting back on bathing, alterations are being made.

Gordon says, "A lot of students on campus are willing do to their part to help conserve."

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