WellSpan York Hospital opens new, state-of-the-art helipad

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WellSpan York Hospital, today, officially opened its new, state-of-the-art helipad as part of the hospital’s ongoing $50 million overhaul of its emergency department, enhancing the hospital’s ability to provide advanced, life-saving specialty care to the region’s sickest and most seriously injured patients.

WellSpan York Hospital is the only Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center in York, Adams, Lancaster and Franklin counties. Last year, the hospital treated more than 2,000 trauma patients – including 190 who were transported via helicopter – for serious and often life-threatening injuries suffered as a result of automobile accidents, gunshot wounds, falls and other events.

“With this new helipad, WellSpan York Hospital is reinforcing its commitment to provide safe, fast and exceptional care to trauma patients in our region,” said Keith Noll, president of WellSpan York Hospital and senior vice president of WellSpan Health. “In trauma care, every second counts, and this helipad will enable us to provide even quicker care to our most seriously injured patients.”

The new helipad measures 7,200 square feet – 3,000 square feet larger than the hospital’s old helipad.  Standing 34 feet tall, the new helipad straddles the hospital’s West Drive, just off South George Street near the campus entrance.

The expanded size of the helipad will allow for larger helicopters with more patient capacity to land at the hospital campus. Previously, larger aircraft had to land at WellSpan York Hospital’s alternate helipad on Indian Rock Dam Road, less than a mile from the campus. An ambulance would then transport the patients from the helipad to the hospital.

In addition, maintaining the new helipad during the winter months will also be easier, as it features an automatic snowmelt system, with 12,000 feet of snowmelt tubing installed beneath the surface to keep ice and snow from accumulating on the pad.

The opening of the new helipad completes Phase I of the WellSpan York Hospital Emergency Department renovation project, which began last August. The upgrades will provide patients with a regional destination for advanced care in a state-of-the-art facility designed for faster treatment and exceptional service.

In addition to an area dedicated for patients with minor injuries and illnesses, the new emergency department will offer dedicated treatment areas for pediatric, cardiovascular and behavioral health patients. The project is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2017.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    It was truly amazing to see how fast this construction was completed while other things take 2,3,5 years to complete from groundbreaking to opening.

  • Makewewaitandwaitandwait

    I just returned from the ER after a 4 hr wait and another 6 hrs in the hallway next to a motley crew of denizens from a homeless shelter. I’m upset and still fuming because the Wellspan ReadyCare sent me to this hellhole and as I was navigating the maze to find parking, I saw this helicopter takeoff and land in a scripted fashion all filmed by a production newscrew. Really? A scripted TV production with a helicopter on a pretend emergency transport? I’m reading this article and notice that they spent a lot of money on a snowmelt system and a fat upgraded helipad. Its good that they are taking care of the outside.

    Well let me tell you about my god awful experience inside the fat pad. Waited for 4 hrs. Saw a bunch of psychos yelling and screaming and pigging out at the vending machine. Most of them looked like they just rolled out of bed and were still in their night garb. Most of them were called into the doctor’s area before I was called. After 4 hrs they rewarded me with an uncomfortable stretcher. From my vantage point I saw a crazy circus. A dude in an orange jumpsuit all shackled up followed by some screaming lady escorted by law enforcement from some faraway doorway, promptly walked down the hall and immediately pushed thru a door, vanishing except for hearing her loud torrents of profanity and invectives. A few older folks in rooms defecating in bed pans with their junk exposed, stinking up the place. Place reeked like a Bombay sewer from SlumDog Millionaire. You could see everyone’s privates and hear everyone’s reason why they were in the ER. Nothing, and I mean Nothing is private is this park. I heard about someone’s drug problem, another about a problematic bowel problems and what color, followed by someone’s discourse of their draining butthole pimple. It was absolutely disgusting.

    Later on, I saw the workers. It reminded me of the movie Office Space, except it was a large cubicle with a bunch of geeky people in scrubs typing on computers. They all seemed despondent and I can’t blame them. Occasionally you’d see someone with a clipboard on a computer typing some stuff in. Wonder what they are typing, because nobody was getting up and doing anything with the ER sign-ins. I could not help but laugh at the craziness. The place is ridiculous. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worst with the smell and loud obnoxious crew of walmart types, the loud deafening jackhammering began. I assumed that it must be the snowmelt system getting its final connection. It lasted for hours. How can the sick people even sleep thru this. I get it, a good plow and some salt isn’t sufficient. Don’t bother with a decent stretcher with blood stains all over.

    So I get my blood drawn, and 3 doctors made me repeat the same stuff again and again. I get my results after they scared the bejesus out of me regarding radioactivity and cancer and tumors. Thats why the ReadyCare sent me. Then some dude does an ultrasound on my stomach for God knows why. I was lost in this maze that is the ER.

    I’m sick of this place. They’ll probably bill me thousands of dollars for little service. What a joke spending over 12 hrs. State-of-the art facility, yet behind the walls is a nightmare. The workers look depressed and the people signing in look pissed-off as if they are about the give the staff a pummeling beatdown. Hows this place even in business? I’m posting this on YELP and other websites.

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