Windsor Township needs signatures to lift alcohol ban

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Restaurants in Windsor Township, York County can serve up a cold one, but only if it’s soda or other non alcoholic beverages.

Since the early 1930s, during prohibition, alcohol sales have been banned in Windsor Township. Township Manager Jennifer Gunnet is trying to change that. She said there are a number of prime spots for larger chain restaurants.

"It would increase our tax base for all of the residents in the township," said Gunnet. But without alcohol, "They look elsewhere."

So Gunnet started a petition to get the issue on the ballot in May. So far around 250 signatures have been collected, but the goal is 1,200.

If the ban is lifted, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities would be able to sell alcohol if they hold a liquor license. "It’s a deal-killer out of the gates for several concepts, like casual restaurants. That’s an integral part of what they do there and it’s something that can’t be separated out," said John Birkeland, Brokerage Advisor with Rock Commercial Real Estate, which has listings that could benefit if the alcohol ban is lifted.

"What you are doing is opening to a new segment that would not consider these properties prior to," said Birkeland.

Massimo Sanzone, Owner of Marcello's Pizza has a petition on his counter for customers to sign. He thinks alcohol sales will bring in more business.

"People like it. A lot of people come in and they ask for it and we have to say no. We have soda," laughed Sanzone.

The township office is open late Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until 6 p.m. for people to sign the petition. To sign, you must be registered to vote and live in Windsor Township. The deadline to sign is March 9th.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Having alcohol available everywhere adults get beverages seems to be a very popular thing. At one time, cigarettes used to be available everywhere where adults smoked. Adults smoked everywhere. It affected everyone and not everyone wanted it to affect them. Children (under 18) were able to get cigarettes easily despite the restrictions. So, now we have a push to put alcohols in stores and restaurants everywhere. What do you suppose will happen? History has a way of repeating itself when people don’t learn from history. More drinking and driving and minors having easy access to alcohol.
    I’m sorry, but I fail to see why it is such a problem to go to bars and liquor stores when you wish to purchase alcohols. You simply wish to have your habit fix more readily available.
    PS: I do drink alcohol and beer once in a while. I know where it is sold and that is where I go. No problem. When I want gasoline, I know what places to go to. When I want a mattress, I know what places to go to. When I want toilet paper, I know where to get a package, where to get a roll and where to go to get a sheet.

    • Joe.

      Stop you absurd attempt to argue that, because legal alcohol is available, underage drinking will increase. That is pure bunk and you know it. There is no more easy access for minors than there ever was. We already lead surrounding states in alcohol related deaths and that has nothing at all to do with legal sales. Your parochial 19th century thinking is a joke. Some days you are just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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