Seniors cited for failing to shovel snow

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A Lebanon County borough issued citations to people who failed to remove snow from their front sidewalks last week. According to Palmyra's snow removal ordinance, they are facing fines of $75.

But the borough also cited a number of senior citizens. Aldo Pappariella, age 93, is one of them.

CoupleHe and his wife Doris, age 90, have lived in their home on West Main Street for 64 years. up until recent years, Aldo shoveled the sidewalk himself.

"I was shoveling up until I was in my 80s," he says. "I was in good shape then."

But the shoveling has gotten too dangerous.

"Because of our age, if we slip once, it's going to be disastrous," says Aldo. "If I fall once, that might be it. I still want to go a bit further. I'm 93, but we have a sister, 100 years old!"

The couple pay a maintenance man to shovel after a snow or sleet. The borough snow removal ordinance says a path must be cleared of all snow and ice. It doesn't make any exception for seniors.

This time, the Pappariellas says a plow pushed the snow back up on their sidealk and it froze. They live on the shady, cooler side of the street, so it's melting slowly.

They put salt and a safety cone out to warn pedestrians it's slippery.

The snow removal citation was filed March 7th and released to the public on Monday - but the couple didn't know they were charged until FOX43 told them.

They say they never received any warnings.

"I hate to get a citation because it's really not our fault," says Doris.

Borough officials did not respond to our request for comment.