Police say driver who struck and killed Elizabethtown teen wasn’t on her cell phone

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Elizabethtown residents say Monday's deadly accident on East High Street may not be the last time it happens...unless borough officials take steps to make the intersection safer.
Police say a preliminary analysis of the driver's cell phone shows she wasn't talking or texting when the accident happened.

Neighbors say it's time for a safer intersection.

Joy Harnly says, "I lived here for so many years and seen so many accidents, but never saw this."

Harnly's daughter witnessed her classmate pinned underneath a car, outside of their home. Her daughter is seeking grief counseling at the Elizabethtown middle-high school complex. Police say Mary Roush struck David Weiser, 13, near the 400 block of East High Street.

Neighbor, Tonya Macon says, "This area is dangerous because you can't see to pull out into High Street. On both sides of the road, and there are cars that go beyond the speed limit and I don't know why they don't do something about it."

Neighbors encourage borough officials to make it a safer intersection.

Macon says, "Either a 4-way stop, speed bumps or maybe even a light...people have to stop and wait for the pedestrians to go across, especially the kids, because sometimes they don't pay attention either."

Harnly says, "A red light or crossing guards for the school year when the kids are in school."

Police haven't charged the driver because their investigation is in its preliminary stages.

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