Chief recovery officer resigns from York City schools

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YORK CITY (WPMT)-The man tasked with improving York City School District’s financial performance has tendered his resignation.

David Meckely resigned Friday as the district’s chief recovery officer.  Meckley, 63,  has been the district’s chief recovery officer since December 2012, when the state identified district finances as “moderately distressed.”

As chief recovery officer, he has developed a recovery plan for the district, focusing on improving academic performance, creating a safe, healthy learning environment and stabilizing district finances. His plan also laid out an alternative path to convert the district’s schools  to charter schools if improvement wasn’t shown.

Governor Tom Wolf has said he opposes a charter school takeover of York City schools.

In a letter to Pedro Rivera, acting secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Meckley said “Given the Wolf administration’s lack of support for the recovery plan, it does not seem appropriate for me to continue as chief recovery officer.”

He added, “With the current administration’s stated position that “charters are off the table,” neither the current recovery plan, nor the Alliance Plan is viable.”

Meckley resigned his post effective March 13.

Governor Wolf issued the following statement regarding Meckley’s resignation:

“I am thankful to David Meckley for his service to the York City School District.

“The fact of the matter is that school districts across Pennsylvania are struggling as a result of misguided funding cuts that have starved our classrooms of resources and put our children at a disadvantage. The York City School District, which has been forced to the brink of financial collapse, is no different.

“My proposed budget makes historic investments in education and directs money straight to classrooms to equip students with the skills they need to compete in a modern economy. My budget would provide a $5.6 million increase in funding and more than $29 million in property tax relief for the York City School District. These investments will result in greater classroom resources and a tax cut for middle-class families and seniors.

“My budget also includes strong accountability measures and delivers on the promise of a high-quality public education for all Pennsylvanians. I look forward to working with elected officials and community leaders to move the York City School District forward.”

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