Lancaster County residents treated for high levels of carbon monoxide

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Fire officials say a disconnected flue pipe from a gas furnace filled a Lancaster Township home with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide early Sunday morning.

According to Deputy Fire Chief Glenn Usdin, medics and Manheim Township police evacuated the seven residents of the home along  Wilderness Road and called the Lancaster Township Fire Department to investigate the problem.

Officials  say the home had levels of toxic gas as high as 700 parts per million and that any level over 35 is considered dangerous.

Investigators said even the medics who rescued the occupants of the home experienced signs of exposure.

The seven residents were taken to Lancaster General Hospital and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and listed in critical condition.

Officials say fire crews shut off the gas, ventilated the home and called UGI to lock the gas service.

Fire officials are holding a press conference at 11AM Sunday for an update on the incident.