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Tiny gun shop opens in NYC with shocking sales pitch

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NEW YORK, NY – A pop up gun store in Manhattan has a unique campaign.

They are advertising to first time gun buyers and their message is pretty surprising.

“This is a .22 caliber, 6″ revolver,” he tells a customer. “It’s also a gun that a 5-year-old found in his parents bedroom went and shot his 9-month-old baby brother with it.”

The would-be gun owner is stunned.

The store was actually a unique campaign set up by a gun-control advocacy group according to PIX.  Their goal was to raise awareness for safety and persuade would-be first time buyers not to bring guns into their homes.

The project is called “Guns with History.”  The store and all the guns in it were fake, but the stories behind the guns were real.

“Adam Lanza’s mom has this in her collection too until he took this and a couple of other guns killed her and went down to Sandy Hook and killed six teachers and twenty innocent children.” The sales clerk told one customer.

The unusual PSA was in response to polls that Americans believe having a gun at home is safer than not having one.

The NRA is condemning the experiment saying in a statement:

“It’s appalling that the gun control lobby exploits tragedy to further a political agenda. This video reveals their true agenda, which is to ban guns. If gun safety was their main concern they would use their resources to educate people about the safe and responsible use of firearms instead of producing expensive videos to scare people and spread lies.”

According to the group States United Against Gun Violence the store was only set up for two days and was not operational.  Also an NYPD official was on the scene during the entire production.