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NFL’s Coach of the Year shares secrets of success during hometown visit

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As head coach of the Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians is living his dream. A dream he achieved thanks to the lessons he got at home, right here in York. “I think the biggest thing I learned from my father and my mother is you go to work every day and you give them a hundred percent,” said Arians.

That work ethic has earned him two super bowl rings with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also coached for the Colts and got to work with a young Peyton Manning. “It was great cause it was the year’s when he was struggling. I had him when he was a rookie. He went through some 3 and 13 seasons and some growing pains and it was great coaching him up,” said Arians.

He’s coached some of the best, but there’s a secret weapon in the Arians aresenal more important than any player: his wife Christine. “we’ve been dating since sixteen. We still date by the way. We’ve been married forty four years, forty four in June,” said Christine. “There’s no telling where I’d be without her. And I knew that at a very early age that I needed her. Thank god she said yes,” said her husband.

Over the years the Arians have moved around the country fifteen times. There’s a lot of logistics required for that many moves. “I call myself the COO of the Arians family cause I ran everything and still do to this day. He never balanced a check book or payed a bill. It makes him able to concentrate a hundred percent on football,” said Christine.

That concentration has payed off. Bruce Arians is a prime example of what you can achieve with a dream and hard work, but living the dream means nothing if you can’t share it with the people you love. “Family is the most important thing in life,” said Bruce.