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Pennsylvanians object to final winter rush

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When it comes to Friday's snow, many people in Central PA object. In fact, despite the cold temperatures, people are still getting their first taste of spring.

Mother Nature didn't get the memo. So Southern Regional Police in Lancaster County are blaming Jack Frost. His offense? Physically offensive conditions.

People in Elizabethtown agree it doesn't feel like the end of March. But they won't let Jack Frost and his winter shenanigans stop them from sampling spring at Rita's Italian Ice.

Brittney Taylor says, "School was a half day, so we came to get our free Rita's makes it feel a little more like spring."

Eugene Geib says, "I'm here with my grandchildren, we picked them up from school and we saw the line and thought we'd get in."

Although Geib just returned from sunny Florida, he says waiting in line with his grandkids is worth it.

The italian ice lovers will enjoy their free treat on the first day of spring...but you can't outsmart them.

Zach Shaffer says, "It's snowing, so there's a plentiful supply, that's for sure, doesn't feel like spring, it's way to cold and wet."

We should note...Southern Regional Police say their criminal, Jack Frost, may be hanging out with a female in a blue gown and crown on her head...she goes by the name, "The Ice Queen!"