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State Senate GOP leaders urge Gov. Wolf to recall PA State Police commissioner’s nomination

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Marcus Brown

Key state Senate Republicans are pushing Governor Tom Wolf to recall his nominee to lead the Pennsylvania State Police.

On Friday Senate Majority Leader Jake Coreman (R-34th District), Sen. Joe Scarnati (R-25th District), Sen. Pat Browne (R-16th District) and Sen. John Gordner (R-27th District) signed a letter asking Gov. Wolf to pull Marcus Brown’s nomination.

In the letter to Gov. Wolf the Republican senators cited the removal of signs from Brown’s neighborhood and other issues including the role of police in escalating civil disobedience.

Acting State Police Commissioner Marcus Brown came under fire this week after being caught on video removing signs that criticized him from the side of a public roadway in Hampden Township. The signs in question were critical of his decision to wear the State Police Uniform. The message on the signs  read, “Marcus Brown didn’t earn it!” and “Marcus Brown don’t wear it!”

Those who oppose his nomination have publicly criticized Brown, the former head of the Maryland State Police, for wearing the uniform because he didn’t attend the State Police Academy or come up through the department’s ranks.

Brown issued an apology late Thursday in which he acknowledged that he had “made a mistake and an error in judgment” in removing the signs. He said he was reacting to an invasion of his family’s privacy.

Gov. Wolf said Brown did the right thing by apologizing.

Hampden Township Police are currently investigating the removal of the signs. So far, no charges have been filed.

Brown left Maryland State Police in January when he was hand picked by Gov. Tom Wolf to head the Pennsylvania State Police.

Brown faces a confirmation hearing in the Senate this spring.