York College ‘Theta Phi Alpha’ Sorority suspended four years

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A York College sorority has been suspended and disbanded over hazing allegations, and for members allegedly violating the schools hazing and alcohol policies. The entire Theta Phi Alpha sorority has been suspended for four years. That means members cannot gather or conduct any activities as a group.

“There will be no Theta Phi Alpha at York College for the next four years,” said Mary Dolheimer Assistant Dean of Communications with York College. Dolheimer said the punishment sends a strong message.

"The nature of this incident could have led to serious injuries of the membership and so the sanction was severe but appropriate," said Dolheimer.

The allegations came to light after an off-campus party on February 9. Dolheimer said new members of the Theta Phi Alpha sorority allegedly went back to their dorm and created a ruckus. A resident assistant called campus safety officers, who cited the students. Most of the groups 40 members were interviewed about hazing allegations.

"The incidents involved alcohol and underage drinking," said Dolheimer. York College charged the organization with hazing and after judicial hearings handed down the sanction.

"One of the intentions of making the suspension of four years is so that there is a removal of all current membership," said Dolheimer. After four years the organization can return but will have to go through a process with the national chapter. "The organization would have to recolonize and it would be a fresh start with new members," said Dolheimer.

Dolheimer said the college is still waiting to hear from the national chapter as to whether they will impose sanctions on some of the students.

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