Group claiming to be ISIS hacks Chambersburg creamery’s website

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A group claiming to be ISIS hacks a Chambersburg creamery's website.

"We are ISIS, we're everywhere watching." That's the message Trickling Springs Creamery received earlier this month.

Joe Miller, the one of the creamery's managers says a customer contacted him on Facebook to let him know the creamery's website had been hacked. It happened earlier this month. But, he soon found out the creamery wasn't the only victim.

The creamery is a favorite in Chambersburg.

"We offer 24 flavors of ice cream on a regular basis," said Miller.

The creamery ships from Florida to Connecticut, and as far west as Ohio. It bottles roughly 8,000 gallons of milk a day. All was business as usual until one of the creamery's managers received a Facebook message on March 7th from a customer saying that ISIS had hacked the company's website.

He checked the website, and saw a disturbing message:

"We are ISIS, we're everywhere watching," said Miller.

Miller isn't sure if it was just a group claiming to be ISIS, or the actual terror organization. But, the creamery took the threat seriously.

"We immediately pulled up the site and shut it down, shut it down for the weekend," said Miller.

The company's website only holds information about its products and not customer's information, no personal data was compromised. Miller soon realized the creamery wasn't the only company dealing with this situation.

"Several thousand businesses were targeted that same weekend and not really sure why they targeted ours - what the purpose behind it was - but it seems like they were just randomly targeting businesses from California to Maine," said Miller.

The company relaunched its site Monday morning after upgrading its security. Making it harder to hack if the group strikes again. FOX43 reached out to the FBI. A spokeswoman tells us they can't comment on this specific incident.

"The FBI is aware of recent website defacements and we are working to identify those who have been impacted. These types of incidents, whether disruptive or merely distracting, highlight the prolific nature of cybercrime. The FBI will continue to work with our public and private sector partners to identify and hold those accountable who pose a threat in cyberspace," said Amy Thoreson, from the FBI.