WGN America’s “Salem” back for another season

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SALEM  “Time For War”

The supernatural thriller that re-imagines the infamous 17th century witch trials is back for a second season.  “Salem:  Time for War,” premieres Sunday on our sister station WGN America.

FOX43’s Heather Warner spent some time in Shreveport, Louisiana where FOX 21 Television Studios films the series.  She spoke with the creative team and cast, and got a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put this supernatural thriller together.


Salem is back with 13 episodes, which begin at the dawn of what will be an all-out witch war.  The 17th century town has been all but wiped out by lead witch Mary Sibley, who has just performed a supernatural ritual, unleashing a deadly plague.

“The plague plays a big role on Salem`s Grand Rite that Mary Sibley was implementing last year, and it actually results in a supernatural bioweapon. It`s gonna be war this year,” says Brannon Braga, the Co-Creator and Executive Producer.

The war is to gain power over Salem, and those fighting Mary Sibley for that power, all have very different agendas. After being left for dead last season, John Alden vies to kill every last devil-loving witch, even if it means taking down the woman he loves, Mary Sibley.

“Going into this season, the only thing he really cares about besides revenge, is the safety of his town.  But he doesn’t care about the girl anymore… or about his friends anymore. So he`s a man on a mission,” says Shane West, who plays John Alden.

Also on a mission, and new this season, is Lucy Lawless. She plays Countess Marburg, the last of an ancient and powerful line of German witches.

When asked why she took the role, Lawless said, “Because I thought the actors were incredible and the writing was great… and it looked so beautiful. It was such a beautifully realized production and I knew they would write me a kick ass role.  So here I am…and it’s more than I could’ve hoped for.”

Ashley Madekwe who plays Tituba says, the introduction of the German witches means war.  “The Essex witches, which is what Mary and Tituba are, are kinda seen as low breed witches by the other witch factions, but we’re about to show them what’s up!”

“As Mary Sibley works with who she hopes are allies, she finds new threats in those she once controlled. “Mary Sibley went behind her back and killed all her friends. Now it`s time to pay,” says Elise Eberle, who plays Mercy.

Another new face this season is Stuart Townsend who plays Dr. Samual Wainwright. He’s in Salem to uncover the secrets hidden in town, and to find out what’s really behind the plague.

He, and all the others will soon find out, nothing is what it seems.




Janet Montgomery- "Mary Sibley"
Shane West- "John Alden"
Seth Gabel- "Cotton Mather"
Ashley Madekwe- "Tituba"
Tamzin Merchant- "Anne Hale"
Elise Eberle- "Mercy"
Iddo Goldberg- "Isaac Walton"
Lucy Lawless- "Countess Marburg"


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