Driver in fatal train accident “high as a kite” when he drove onto tracks last summer

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Police say a Mechanicsburg man was high on marijuana when he drove his SUV onto train tracks in Newberry Township last summer, resulting in a crash that killed a woman riding with him.  Akim Sharif Jones-Williams, 26, is facing homicide by vehicle

Akim S. Jones-Williams

Akim S. Jones-Williams

charges for the death of Cori Elizabeth Sisti, 23, of New Cumberland last July.

Sisti was in the passenger seat of the Mitsubishi Outlander Jones-Williams was driving. He drove in front of an oncoming train at Slonnekers Landing, in the area of 1179 Cly Road on July 5, 2014. They were on their way to a family gathering along the Susquehanna River. Sisti was pronounced dead at the scene. Jones-Williams and a two year-old girl were transported from the scene.

According to court documents, Jones-Williams’ tested positive for marijuana. Police also had the Outlander’s vehicle event data recorder analyzed. It showed the vehicle was traveling at 8mph with no brake or accelerator input just 4.5 seconds before the train struck. The vehicle slowed to 5mph just 1 second before impact. Jones-Williams accelerated about a half second before impact.

The conductor of the Norfolk Southerntrain told police the train’s horns, lights, and bells were activated. When the train’s crew saw the Outlander on the tracks, they went into emergency mode. The train was not able to stop and pushed the Outlander about 75 yards up the tracks.

Police spoke to a witness who says that Jones-Williams admitted to being “high as a kite” but said it wasn’t his fault the train hit their car.

Jones-Williams is charged with homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while under the influence,endangering the welfare of children, recklessly endangering another person, DUI and careless driving.

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