Firefighters dress up as a bunny and dog to deliver Easter meals to taxpayers

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This Easter, York City firefighters are dressing up as a bunny and a dalmatian and handing out 30 meals to families in the city. It's a nice change of pace from what they normally see. "At the fire scene you don't have any time to talk to anyone and here it's just a relaxed atmosphere joking around talking with them," said York City Fire Captain David Ferguson.

The folks they deliver to don't have a lot of money, but they're not looking for any handouts. "We were calling the names we have on our list and they were like we don't need any help, but we just do it anyway. You deserve it," said Ferguson.

Each of the boxes weigh about a hundred pounds. They have things like spaghetti sauce and pasta inside, but they also have some higher end items like Ferrero Rochet chocolates. The firefighters say it's all about giving back to the taxpayers who fund their salaries.

One of the homes the firefighters visited belongs to Glenniece Banks. She's no stranger to struggle. A few years ago Banks was shot near her home. For a while it didn't look good. "I was a vegetable and they told me that's what I was going to be. But through God my body started doing things," said Banks. She's since taught herself how to talk and walk again and thanks to the firefighters she's going to have a delicious Easter. "I am so happy and it's the same ones that did it last year and they are so nice," said Banks.

Joseph Portner, a firefighter who dresses as the Easter Bunny, said, "To put this bunny suit on and not have to do the job that you usually do every day, this is a little bit of an escape."