Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein? Your answer may reveal something about your eyesight

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First it was “the dress,” but now everybody wants to know about about Einstein!   An image produced by Dr. Aude Olivia from MIT may tell you if your vision is a little off.

The video above explains that if you’re at a normal viewing distance and have good eyesight then you should see Albert Einstein.  But, if you’re seeing Marilyn Monroe then you may want to head to the eye doctor.

Are you wearing glasses?  Try taking them off and the image may change.

The effect can be seen by anyone if you change the distance or size of the picture.  You’re more likely to see Marilyn Monroe if you’re farther away.  This is because our eyes only pick up the broad strokes of an image from a distance.  As you get closer to the image then you see the finer details.

The further away you see Einstein from the image then the better your eyes actually are.  You can achieve the same effect by squinting your eyes and looking at the photo.

The abstract from the Art of Hybrid Images states:

“Hybrid images are static pictures with two interpretations that change depending on the image’s viewing distance or size. The phenomenon of hybrid images arises from the multiscale processing of images in the human visual system. By taking into account perceptual grouping mechanisms, one can build compelling hybrid images with two different stable interpretations: one that appears when the image is viewed up-close, and the other that appears from afar. Hybrid images can be used to create compelling prints and photographs in which the observer experiences different percepts when interacting with the image.”

What about this one…dolphin or car?


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