9-year old boy shot by relative during family gathering on Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday is a time to be with those you love, but one family's gathering in the 600 block of Madison Street quickly turned tragic. "One of the family members purchases a gun I guess and they go into the basement to test fire it. However that basement's not fortified for shooting a weapon," said Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler.

When the family member shot the gun the bullet went straight through this window and into the back of the 9-year old boy playing outside. Neighbors said that the boy was drawing on the sidewalk with chalk when he got shot. Some of his family members didn't want to go on camera, but they did say he is expected to survive. Chief Sadler said the investigation is ongoing and that it will be up to the district attorney's office whether to charge the relative.

Dewey Oberholtzer and his five year old daughter Lexi live a few houses down. He likes to teach her how to skateboard on the same street, but not anymore. "it makes me think that I don't want to do almost anything right now. I'm at the point where I just want to keep her inside and not let her go out," said Oberholtzer. Police aren't releasing the name of the relative that shot the boy or their connection, although they did say that it was a woman. "This is obviously a very tragic event for a family. They've been completely cooperative at this point and this young man is literally fighting," said Sadler.

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