Lebanon county woman imprisoned for traffic violations

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A Lebanon County man says his wife is unfairly imprisoned because of traffic violations.

Jennifer Vaughn is serving 35 days in Lebanon County Prison. She was pulled over in December 2013 and received several citations, for driving with a suspended license, an expired inspection sticker and similar issues.

She and her husband were unable to pay off the fines and they grew to more than $1200. Vaughn's husband, Nicholas Caulder, says it's not fair she is serving prison time for the violations. Both have health problems and Caulder's unemployment benefit is their main source of income.

"There has to be another alternative to this," says Nicholas Caulder, at the couple's new home in Tower City, Schuylkill County. "Because you put a person who's not a troublemaker in jail, then you're giving them the mentality of a person who killed somebody or robbed a bank."

Magistrate Judge Kim Wolfe's office says Vaughn was treated fairly and offenders cannot make up violations with community service. Vaughn gets a $40 credit toward her fines for each day she spends in jail.

"Community service would be a much better option, the community would get something out of it," says Caulder. "Where's this $40 a day credit coming from when it's costing a $100 dollars a day to keep her there?"

Vaughn is scheduled to be released April 22nd.

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