Man firing rifle outside Adams County Prison is shot by state trooper

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Around 1PM on Thursday a 31-year old white male dressed in camouflage rode his bicycle to the Adams  County Prison. When he got there, he walked into the lobby and up to a female correctional officer at the front desk. “He at that point displayed a handgun. He pointed it in the direction of the correctional officer. She engaged in conversation with him for approximately one minute. He then left the correctional facility,” said Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner.

However it wasn’t over. He stayed in the parking lot and state police arrived within minutes. That’s when he revealed an AR-15 style rifle and began to fire it multiple times into the ground and air. “The Pennsylvania State Police gave him numerous commands to put his weapons down and surrender. The individual refused,” said Wagner.

During the half hour long stand off the troopers had their own guns aimed at the shooter as well. When he pointed the rifle towards the lobby with people inside the Pennsylvania State Trooper decided to take the shot. The trooper was about a hundred yards away and hit him in the torso. “He immediately went down. The individual was immediately taken into custody. The Pennsylvania State Police had an ambulance in the vicinity,” said Wagner.

That ambulance took the man to York Hospital where he’s being held in the trauma unit. Police aren’t releasing his name and the investigation is ongoing. His charges are also pending. It’s still unclear exactly why the shooter went to the prison in the first place.

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