PFBC launches ‘FishBoatPA’ smartphone app

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Navigating the Keystone State’s streams and lakes has never been easier thanks to a new smartphone app by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

It’s called FishBoatPA and it’s putting all the info you need for a successful day on the water, right at your fingertips.

“Simple, very easy to do, even I could do it; didn’t have to get my grandson to teach me,” said John Arway, the Executive Director of PFBC.

Arway says the PFBC has wanted to create this app for more than three years now.

Once Governor Tom Wolf took office, Arway says they were finally given the resources needed to make this app a reality.

FishBoatPA has several features.

Perhaps the most convenient is the “Trout Stocking List.”

This gives users real-time updates on what type of trout has been placed in the water and where they can find them.

Users can also sort stocking schedules by county.

“We have over 1.1 million visitors that visit our website to access that information and we get it out in paper copy, but now you can have it right in your pocket which will give you more time to fish and boat rather than search the web,” Arway said.

The app also features a “Near Me” option which uses Google Map Services to locate and display trout waters within 5, 15, 25 and 50 miles of the user.

“It's great; I was just a public meeting the other evening and an angler asked me where a certain lake was; I didn't know because I wasn't familiar with that part of the state,” Arway said. “We get on the app, brought it up, got him directions to get to that lake and he was super excited about getting there,” he added.

Another feature on the app is the “Get a License Today” section.

This enables users to find an issuing agent near them and to see pricing options for licenses.

Once you reel in your catch, the app will even help identify what type of fish it is as well as give you some interesting facts about it.

Finally, after a long day on the water, you can then upload pictures of your fish to the “My Trophies” section.

That’s where users can add information like the fish weight and length, the date they landed the fish, and other comments, like the type of lure they used.

FishBoatPA is free and available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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