“Free range kids” taken into CPS custody again in Maryland

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SILVER SPRING, MD –  A couple in Maryland have had an ongoing dispute with Child Protective Services and now their children have been taken away again.

The couple already made headlines earlier this year for being “free range” parents after letting their kids walk around their neighborhood by themselves.

This time a neighbor called police on the parents because once again the 10 and 6-year-old children were outside unattended at a neighborhood park.

Police picked up the kids and kept them in a police car for more than two hours before taking them to CPS.

Child Protective Services then notified the parents that they had their children.

Danielle Meitiv said, “CPS has finally succeeded in making me terrified to let my kids out unsupervised because I’m afraid they’re going to take them away. I never was scared of strangers”

Meitiv says CPS made her sign a temporary safety plan.

She must not leave her children unattended until they follow up.

The Parents are still appealing the guilty verdict from their first case of “unsubstantiated child neglect”.

Police are trying to figure out if they’ll be charged again.


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