Pennsylvania lawmakers looking to ban use of cell phones while driving

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Some state lawmakers in Harrisburg say it’s time to change the new normal in a society of distracted driving.

State Senator Rob Teplitz (D- Dauphin and Perry Counties) and Senator John Wozniak (D- Chair, Senate Transportation Committee) created a bill that would, if enacted, make it illegal to use any handheld mobile device while driving. That means it would be illegal to make phone calls, or check your phone.

“Pennsylvania law bans texting while driving, but distracted driving is still a real problem that endangers motorists, passengers, and bystanders alike. Anyone can easily become a culprit or a victim of distracted driving,” said Senator Teplitz.

It would be a summary secondary offense, meaning a driver could only be cited if they also commit another traffic violation. The penalty would be $50 for the first violation, $100 for a second, and $150 for a third and any after.

"We are now as comfortable inside those cockpits as we are in a lazy boy watching our HDTV," said Senator Wozniak.



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