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At least three people shot with a paintball gun in Cumberland County

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A man was shot with a paintball gun on Friday night on Rittner Highway. It only hit his car, but there are others that weren’t as lucky.

Peaches Morse pokes her head out her front door and carefully looks around before leaving her house in Penn Township. That’s because one of her neighbors in the 1500 block of Walnut Bottom Road was shot in the back with a paintball gun on Sunday night, and it could have been worse.

“If you get hit in the eye you could lose an eye. If you get hit in the temple you could have some brain damage or it could even possibly kill you,” said Peaches.

It's not the only incident that's been reported. Also on Friday night, a man was shot in the neck with a paintball while driving. He told police the person that shot him was driving in the opposite direction on Rittner Highway near Burnt House Road.

For Morse, the concern isn't so much for her as it is for her grandson. She said she would snap if he were hit.

"I would chase them, I'd go after them. I would try and catch them and hurt them. No if's and's or but's. My grandson is not a target," said Morse.

Sharon Griffie lives down the road and also has a grandson. She said that with spring upon us, the level of risk increases.

"With the weather being nice now we're outside a lot. My grandson, from the time he gets home from school till the time he goes to bed, he's out here playing, riding his bike and playing. Somebody has got to see something and do something before someone seriously gets hurt," said Griffie.

State Police are investigating, but have not made any arrests. Morse said she hopes that with three people hit in just a week, law enforcement will step up their vigilance.

"They need to do more patrolling. They need to be out riding around and watching to see what's going on. There are very few times that you ever see a police car going up and down this road," said Morse.

If anyone knows who may be doing this contact the Pennsylvania State Police.