Harrisburg Mayor plants tree in honor of Earth Day

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It's Earth Day, and as many people are thinking about going green, Harrisburg's Mayor is showing of his green thumb.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse planted a Black Gum tree in celebrations of Earth Day at the Harrisburg Cemetery. This event is also part of the Pre-Arbor Day festivities. Mayor Papenfuse joined arborists from local tree services who volunteered to plant 22 brand new trees. City officials have worked to turn the grounds into an arboretum, and replant tree species that have been lost over the years.

"Trees are critical to our lives and I think we all know that and inherently, but,  we don't really think about it on a daily basis," Urban and Community Forestry Program Specialist Ellen Roame said. "But really without trees life would be totally desolate on this earth."

Volunteers also cleared out dead trees on the historic cemetery grounds.