Lawyer asks FBI to investigate excessive force incidents by Pennsylvania State Police

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HARRISBURG, PA (WPMT) For the second time this week, Attorney Devon Jacob has requested the FBI to investigation excessive of force by law enforcement.  This time three separate incidents of alleged use of excessive force by the Pennsylvania State Police.

FBI and DOJ Complaint – PSP – 4-23-15

Those incidents involved Stephen Gracey, and Travis Barnett who both suffered serious injuries.  In the incident involving Jeffrey Bletz, a trooper shot and killed his dog. No state troopers were disciplined or criminally prosecuted in either incident.

Jacob is also requesting that the FBI investigate the PSP investigation of excessive use of force by Springettsbury Township against Debra L. Williams, and Steven Landis.  In both case the PSP investigation cleared the Springettsbury Township Police officers of any wrong doing.

Jacob included a CD containing documents and three folders on each incident along with photographs and a video.

Earlier this week, Jacob asked the FBI to investigate the Springettbury Township Police and York County officials including the district attorney.

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