DOC: Five staff members injured at state prison in Clearfield County

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Five staff members at the state prison in Houtzdale, Clearfield County, were injured Tuesday afternoon and are being treated at a local hospital, a spokeswoman for the Pa. Department of Corrections said.

Susan Bensinger said the incident started at 2:30 p.m. in a recreational yard. She said some inmates did not want to leave. In the process of trying to get the inmates to return to their cells, Bensinger said five of the prison’s staff members were injured. It’s unclear how serious the injuries are.

No inmates were injured.

The prison is on lockdown and will be for “a number of days,” Bensinger said.

The Department of Corrections will conduct its own investigation into the incident and will work with local and state police if criminal charges are warranted, she said.

Prison staff members are still in the process of returning inmates back inside the prison. Bensinger called it a “slow, methodical” process.