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Tiger breaks out of enclosure at Oklahoma City Zoo

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A tiger created a scare for people at a zoo in Oklahoma today, when she got out of her enclosure.

Visitors at the Oklahoma City Zoo reported a tiger was on the loose earlier today but it was quickly captured. The zoo issued what they call a code red alert when the tiger escaped.

A visitor at the zoo captured video of the tiger after she escaped her enclosure. She didn’t make it too far because she got stuck in a nearby fence.

Veterinarians at the zoo had to tranquilize the tiger before taking her to get check out as a precaution. They do not believe she was hurt. Zoo officials locked down the perimeter around the tiger enclosure while catching the tiger but that lockdown was lifted at around 2:30 p.m.

Zoo officials say no visitors or staff members were in any danger while the tiger was loose. They say a code red alert is used when an animal is contained but not in its proper area.