Frein lawyers want to move case because of flier DA mailed

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SCRANTON, Pa. — Lawyers for accused cop killer Eric Frein want to move his trial out of Pike County because of a flier mailed out by District Attorney Ray Tonkin.

Tonkin is running for re-election.

Frein is accused of shooting two state troopers at the Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County last year. Corporal Bryon Dickson died and Trooper Alex Douglass was injured.

The mailer, which was obtained by WNEP, features pictures of Tonkin and Frein. The mailer reads “We can trust this man (referring to Tonkin) to prosecute this man (referring to Frein).”



On the back side of the mailer it reads, “Ray Tonkin is the only candidate for District Attorney who has ever prosecuted a murderer.”

Frein’s attorneys say the mailer contaminates the pool of potential jurors.

Tonkin called the change of venue request “a legal stunt.” He added, “the mailer did not mention any legal or alleged facts about the case.”