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Pregnant woman kept alive in coma for nearly two months to save baby

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OMAHA, Ne. — Karla Perez was only 22 weeks pregnant when something terrible happened.

At first it just seemed like a bad headache, but it was a brain bleed so bad that doctors had little hope she would survive.

Karla was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed in her home in early February, and doctors say she had suffered a stroke.

Although she was declared brain dead, her family members asked doctors to keep her body alive so her son could survive.

This is a very rare event,  only 15 other healthy babies had ever been born this way.

With the help of more than 100 people Karla was kept alive for nearly eight weeks, giving her son Angel the chance to be born.

Now Karla’s mother, Sue Korth, is able to hold her grandson, though his birth was bittersweet.

“We took a leap of faith that Karla’s tragedy would turn into a healthy delivery and baby Angel’s the result of that,” Korth said.

Karla was also able to save the lives of others by donating her organs.