Congressman Perry stresses importance of hydropower

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Representative Scott Perry made a visit to a York County facility that's one of the world's leading suppliers of technology powered by running water. Congressman Perry toured the Voith Hydro facility in West Manchester Township. Perry was shown the facility factory where he got an up close look at a big turbine engine powered by water.

The congressman has been a supporter of Hydro power since he took office in 2013. He also recently lead the effort to restore previously cut federal funding for Hydropower projects and programs that help build important technologies like the turbine blades.

"We don't have a foundry in the United State big enough to cast these blades on this turbine," Perry said, "and people don't realize that when you see manufacturing and capability going away, that we brought this from South America because we can't make it here, and people think that those jobs, these jobs that are right here in America will never leave. But they used to make those here."

According to officials, the U.S. produces more electricity from hydropower than from any other renewable electricity source.

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