Someone smeared feces all over the walls of a public bathroom in downtown Lancaster multiple times

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A few weeks ago someone went into a public restroom at the Queen Street bus station in Lancaster and smeared feces all over the walls. "Common courtesy for the next man to use the restroom you shouldn't be wiping poop all over the walls," said William Beattie of Mountville, Lancaster County. It's not the first time this has happened. Towards the end of last year the bathrooms had to be closed because someone did the exact same thing.

"It's disgusting and you really have to wonder what's wrong with that person that would do something like that," said Lancaster's Mayor Rick Gray. The mayor said that instead of using the soiled public restroom people can go to the one in Central Market. They can also go to the public restrooms at the Lancaster police station as well as the new visitors center.

Authorities don't know who vandalized the bathroom. Each time it happens a cleaning crew with haz-mat suits has to be called. The head of Lancaster's Transportation Authority said the agency can't afford to keep cleaning up the damage. And the mayor said he's exploring the possibility of adding other public restrooms downtown.

However for passengers like Tiekey Lewis, who rides the bus into Lancaster every day, it's especially upsetting. "I think it's unfair to other customers that ride the bus daily because they don't have the opportunity to use the public restroom here because bus rides take thirty, forty five minutes and when they get off the bus they may need to use the bathroom," said Lewis. For now, they'll have to use the bathroom somewhere else.

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