Harrisburg police investigating two weekend murders

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HARRISBURG -- Two murders in less than 48 hours have Harrisburg police on high alert.

"We are beefing up our patrols," Sgt. Gabriel Oliver with the Harrisburg Police Bureau said. "We are having additional officers going out through the area."

Both murders took place over the weekend. On Sunday, police were called to the Hall Manor housing project at 11:53 p.m. They found Malik Mundy, 20, dead on the scene, a victim of multiple gunshots. Police have interviewed witnesses, but have not released a suspect's name.

On Saturday, police responded to a shooting at 523 South 19th Street in Harrisburg's South Allison Hill neighborhood. Todd Dunlap, Jr. was found outside the after hours night club Forever Nights. He, along with a club bouncer, were removing John Maurice McDonald III from the club when McDonald shot Dunlap in the head.

McDonald is considered "armed and dangerous." Police are also looking to speak with the club's bouncer, who has not been identified.

"He has several friends within the city and the region," Sgt. Olivera said of McDonald. "He may have fled the state. He may be fleeing to the state of Indiana. He has family there."

Harrisburg police are investigating the club where the argument between McDonald and Dunlap took place. Forever Nights is open on weekend's from 1-5 a.m., according to its Facebook page. Police are looking into whether the club, which does not carry a liquor license, was selling alcohol the night of the murder.

FOX43 knocked at the door of 523 South 19th Street next door to where Forever Nights is located. A couple answered the door, but declined comment. Other neighbors along the 500 block of South 19th Street were much more vocal about their displeasure for the club.

"Their car radios are so loud they rattle my window," a neighbor said, who wished to remain anonymous. She says crowds from the club lead to fights and vandalism outside her home.

"I painted my garage and two weeks later, graffiti is painted all over it. I have 'Poop' written (on her home)," she said. "I can't have anything nice."

The neighbor understands the club's need to make money. She just doesn't want it in her neighborhood.

"I'd like to see the mayor come down here on a weekend and stay from 2:30 a.m. to five o'clock," she said.

FOX43 called the phone number for Forever Nights listed on its Facebook page, but an automated message said the number was not currently taking calls.