Staff at West York School District could face layoffs due to outsourcing

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Some employees of the West York School District may be leaving for summer vacation without a job for next year. The West York School Board and superintendent are discussing outsourcing custodial staff and teachers' aides.
Pennsylvania State Education Association spokesperson, Lauri Lebo, says the district's looking to outsource custodial workers and aides with two companies outside of York.

The district's facing a $2.3 million deficit. The move would save the district around $400,000.

But Lebo says the companies being consideredĀ will make a pitch that's very low and over the years they'll increase rates until the initial savings disappear. Plus, union members say those fired will lose their retirement security and benefits.

Lebo says, "One can sugar coat this all they want. But what happens is the employees are fired, and they have to re-apply for the jobs they've been doing for many years."

Lebo says around 75 people could lose their jobs. The union members are currently working on contract negotiations with the school board and superintendent.

The district's human resource director, Beth Thieret says every employee impacted by the outsourcing will automatically get a job offer from the private sector. District officials say they'll continue negotiations with the union.