Busy and fearful commute for travelers going by train from Harrisburg and Lancaster to Philadelphia

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According to the Amtrak schedule, there have been no delays or cancellations from Harrisburg to Philadelphia. However, trains to New York City have been cancelled.

Travelers boarding a train to Philadelphia have mixed feelings. Some are more uneasy than others.

Patricia Pierce says, "That was a little scary, I was oh my gosh we're on a train and what do you do, people who died."

Massi says, "I just saw the train on the news and it wasn't a concern until I saw it and think about it and maybe it could happen to this one too."

Amtrak ticket agents say passengers will be re-routed once they arrive in Philadelphia in order to get to another destination. If they already had their tickets, they won't have to pay for a new one.

Thursday's operations from Harrisburg to Philadelphia will run the same way as Wednesday.

For the most part, passengers are patient as they make some re-arrangements to get their final destination safely.

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