Driver in need of carbs rages at Roy Rogers employees

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Delicious macaroni and cheese

State Police charged a New York man with disorderly conduct after he threw condiments over the counter and cursed Roy Rogers restaurant employees. It happened at 11:30 Monday night at the Roy Rogers located in the Blue Mountain Service Plaza of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Police say Kevin David Nelson, 47, from Amsterdam, New York, ordered macaroni and cheese at the restaurant. When employees told him they were out of mac and cheese, Nelson got agitated and angry, curse out loud at the restaurant staff. Nelson reportedly left the Roy Rogers and got a coffee at the Starbucks in the plaza. He then returned to the Roy Rogers and, according to a press release from Pennsylvania State Police ordered potatoes. It must have been a very busy day for starches at this particular Roy Rogers, because Nelson was then told that the restaurant was also out of potatoes. Nelson again cursed out employees and then started throwing condiments over the counter. Summary disorderly conduct charges were filed in district court.