Golf tip of the week on how to get close to the hole

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MANCHESTER, Pa.--We are here at Royal Manchester Golf Links in York County for the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is one of their PGA Golf Professionals, Anthony Schweppe.  Anthony, whats the tip?

"We are talking about a 70 yard shot where the pin is located on the back of green, with no trouble between you and the flag.  Most amateur golfers will take a lob wedge or sand wedge and try to carry the ball all the way to the hole.  That becomes way too risky for the length of the swing, in relation to the distance of the shot.  I'd much rather see amateur golfers, even some professional golfers take a utility club, like a hybrid or a 5 wood or bump it along the ground for something like this and I will show you how its done."

"So will modify your set up a little bit with this shot.  I will be using my 3 iron and play this off my back foot so for me that will be my right foot.  And lean towards the left side of my body.  That will allow me to hit down without forcing the club down on the golf ball.  And I will make sure my hands stay inside my left thigh.  And from there, I will make a modified putting stroke, accelerating through.   And that will run all the way to the hole."

Great shot, thanks for joining us on the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.