Lunchbox letters from mom inspire daughter’s thesis project

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Brooklyn, Ny.– Skye Gould was 12 when her mother wrote her more than 100 letters. It was a difficult time in her preteen life, just before their family moved from Ohio to Florida.

Her mother packed each note with some helpful “Lunchbox Letter Advice,” having no idea what an impact the letters would have later on.

Gould, who is now 23 and a graphic designer, used the letters as a thesis project for her master program.

“My mom wrote me these letters because she believed in the person that I was always meant to be,” Gould writes. “I am eternally grateful for these reminders.”

The letters range from silly parental reminders, “Don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs — but you can always dye your hair and eat gummy bears!” to sage advice like, “”Love as hard and strong as you can — even if it means loving someone so much you get paralyzed with fear if something bad happens to them.”

Gould managed to keep the project a secret from her mother Stephanie Skylar.  When she revealed it, “I was overcome with pride and love for my daughter,” Skylar says. “I broke down crying when I saw it.”