Some travelers hesitant to take Amtrak this weekend as memories of the crash linger

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This weekend there will be at least eight trains a day going to Philadelphia, but that's as far as they'll go until Amtrak restores full service to New York.

Aaron Pope is one of those travelers going to Philadelphia. "Little apprehensive about it, but also think that due to the accident there's probably a lot more safety precautions now," said Pope.

He takes the train to New York City frequently for work. "It's normally busier the closer you get to New York. the train gets a lot more crowded," said Pope.

However with no service to New York City, the trains are a lot less crowded. One Amtrak employee we spoke with said the Lancaster train station has been like a ghost town these last few days since the crash, which is a big change from the roughly thousand people a day that get on the trains in Lancaster.

"I think I'd rather go by bus or private car," said Dorothea Zimmermann who lives in New Holland, Lancaster County.

Amtrak is offering refunds and vouchers to anyone whose trip was affected by the crash. It's unclear exactly when Amtrak will resume full service to New York City, but you can check their website for any updates. (Click here) In the meantime people will have to find another way to New York.

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