Amtrak returns to full service

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Amtrak has fully restored service to its Northeast Corridor after the derailment that killed 8 people. Commuters took off on the first trains to and from New York to Philadelphia early Monday morning.

In Lancaster, commuters who go to and from Philadelphia every day say it’s a relief to have it reopened and they still trust Amtrak’s safety.

"It's pretty much the only way to get to New York without flying or driving that crazy commute," says Max Norowzi of Philadelphia. "So it definitely affects a lot of people."

"It's tragic at best but at the end of the day, it's like anything else, you still have to live," says Darryl Watterson of Philadelphia.

Some passengers said they're glad Amtrak will be installing positive train control technology on all its trains. It's a system that automatically corrects a train if it's disobeying the speed limit or other signals, regardless of human error.

"That's a positive thing, that's part of the safety operation, it's something they were already looking into," says passenger Emanuel Walker of Dover. "Hopefully this put them back so they don't go off schedule, they stay on schedule and all of this is in place by the end of the year as they said it would be."

Amtrak's CEO says the rail line remains committed to safety and dedicated to learning from last week's tragedy. The company is already facing lawsuits from some of the passengers who were injured in the Amtrak 188 crash.