Day 3 of Hess trial; state trooper returns to stand for cross-examination

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Three people took the stand Thursday on the third day of a trial for a York County man accused of trying to hire a man to kill his wife’s boyfriend last April.

Greg Hess is facing charges including criminal solicitation to commit murder.

The defense spent Wednesday and a majority of Thursday cross-examining Trooper Shawn Wolfe. He’s the state trooper who arrested Hess.

The defense asked him to explain some of the details in his police report. The defense highlighted an inconsistency in would-be hit man Calvin Jones remarks about carrying out “two hits.” The hits include Chris Ward and Hess’s wife Laurie, who was having an affair with Ward.

Trooper Wolfe agreed Jones wasn’t 100 percent accurate, saying there were not two hits.

He says Hess’s only mission was to have Jones kill Ward and beat up Laurie. He says he told Laurie she was a target.

But the defense says no where in the conversations between Jones and Hess is there anything about killing Ward.

The trooper explained his interpretation which he says clearly means Hess wanted Ward to die.

He also says after he arrested Hess, Hess told him, “This whole thing got blown out of proportion.”

In addition to Wolfe, computer forensic examiner, Robert Krehlind, with the State Police, also testified.

He explained his role in cell phone analysis.

And criminal investigator, Mark Baker, also took the stand to explain the data he extracted from the cell phones used during the process.

The trial will continue Friday.

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