The dog without a nose: Local rescue saves pit bull

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DILLSBURG, Pa.– Meet Mona- she’s a pit-bull mix who’s been through a lot.

Mona is a potential bait dog who was rescued from Philadelphia earlier this week by Janine Guido of Speranza Animal Rescue.

“I bawled, I called my boyfriend crying. I’ve heard of horror stories, but I’ve never seen one, especially so close to home, only two hours from here,” Guido said. “Her nose was pretty much torn off, and then the whole side of her face back to behind her teeth, the skin’s gone and she has some punctures up there all over her chest.”

Guido said she didn’t know what to expect but knew pit bulls are typically resilient. “I thought she might be a little timid, but she came down the hallway, tail wagging and just jumped right into my lap.”

Upon being rescued, Mona was brought to Dillsburg Animal Hospital where Dr. Ivan Pryor is treating her. “Our primary goal right now is just to get her to open up her nostrils and give her the capability to breathe,” he said.

Dr. Pryor believes it will take about 4-6 weeks to fully treat Mona and will cost around around $5,000. "I think she's going to make someone an awesome dog... she's going to look different than most dogs but in some ways, that's pretty cool," he said.

"She's definitely grateful for having her life saved and she lets you know it through every kiss and tail wag," Guido said.

Learn how you can help Mona recover at the Speranza Animal Rescue before going up for adoption.

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