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App helps people who get pulled over for DUI

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There's now a smartphone app that would give you legal representation in the event of a DUI. Drunk Driving is a serious subject and the creator of the App says it's not meant to make light of the issue.

First you press "trouble" then "contact your attorney." And "DueyDialer" will do the rest, acting like insurance, should you need it.

Co-Creator, Daniel Delgado says, "You don't want to use insurance, but in the event something happens, it's nice to have it, this is similar to that. Our motto is like having an attorney in your pocket."

Delgado co-created "Duey Dialer" 6 months ago. He says when you're stopped by police, the App will record your interaction with them and connect you with an attorney through text and email.

Delgado says, "If you run into a DUI stop and you're detained and arrested, that whole process of trying to find an attorney later and making sure you exercise your rights may be difficult, so this collapsed the time frame there."

There are currently no attorneys connected to the App in Pennsylvania. We reached out to our FOX 43 legal analyst, Steven Breit, to see if it's even legal to use in the Commonwealth.

Breit says, "Right now this type of conduct is not prohibited."

Although legal, Breit says if you're going to use it, you should tell the officer he's being recorded.

Breit says, "You would want consent to avoid a citizen taping a police officer and not knowing about, is that considered a violation of the "wiretapping and eavesdropping act?"

Delgado says, "If a police officer is using their recording devices themselves, then this corroborates that information. There's no discrepancy of he said she said or what may have been recorded."

Bottom line- "You have the right to exercise your rights," says Delgado.

The App is free to download for Droid users. It's a paid service by attorneys. I-phone users can expect to have it within a couple months.